Hero Scene Animator for Photoshop

This Animated Movement Generator for Photoshop lets you insert any photo, choose a direction of movement and export it as an animated .gif, or as a video (which is what Photoshop uses for animated profile photos). It’s very easy to use it – There is a red marked layer on the bottom of the layer palette called Image Holder. Double click it (or right click /edit contents), it will open another window where you have to paste your photo. Save, Close. It will update the main screen and you only have to enable a direction of movement (green marked layer folders) by enabling the one you want, and disabling the others. Then you just have to export as a gif (check my demo video below for instructions and best settings). Additionally you can disable vignette effect (layer on top) if you don’t want it.

Note: You may be asked to point to 2 .mov files located in the project folder while opening the PSD. That’s normal. Also, if your timeline is not opened automatically, open it by Window / Timeline. There you’ll be able to preview animation before exporting. The file is in 600×400 because that’s an ideal size for most social Media sites and it renders pretty fast, while preserving small file weight.

See video demo / walkthrough – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S09kYLOndOs

When you click the download button above, you will be taken to Graphics Driver to purchase the item securely through Envato.



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